Speyer – a city of historical and cultural significance


Historically, Speyer isone of the oldest settlements in Germany. During Roman times it was known as Noviomagus Nemetum (or Civitas Nemetum). In Medieval timesSpeyer was one of the most significant cities of the Holy Roman Empire of theGerman Nation. In 1816 it came under the rule of the Kingdom of Bavaria andserved as the center of the Bavarian administration of the Palatinate until 1945.Today, Speyer has a population of 50,000 and is an independent city of the Germanfederal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Speyer’s most prominent landmark is itscathedral, known as the Kaiserdom or Mariendom. Speyer Cathedral is the largestRomanesque church in the world. In 1981 the cathedral was included in theUNESCO list of World Heritage Site.


Here are some a fewsights you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting Speyer:



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